July 1st, 2023- June 30th, 2024

May achiever

May 1st- 31st, 2024Earn this silver-tone butterfly bracelet, featuring a sliding lock on an elegant bar chain, with a $600 wholesale order in May
Enjoy a new prize from the Soar Like Never Before Collection, each month.
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yearlong consistancy

july 2023 - june 2024.Earn this custom Mary Kay watch that features a mother-of-pearl face, along with an etching of Mary Kay Ash’s signature on the back, by earning the monthly piece from the Soar Like Never Before Collection.THIS WILL BE THE ONLY CONSISTENCY PRIZE ALL YEAR LONG.

queens court achiever

july 2023 - june 2024Mary Kay Ash believed in rewarding great achievements with exquisite jewelry fit for a queen and luxurious trips that surpass imagination.Earn your Queen of Sales ring
by reaching $40k retail sales this Seminar Year.

In July 2024 there will be changes being implemented to the Independent Sales Director Career Car Program as well as the Consultant Career Car Program going away.

See the full details and FAQs in the
MK News Article.!


through - june 30th, 2024

Here’s your reminder that the 60th anniversary year is the perfect time to enter the Director in Qualification Program with 8 or more active personal team members!


  • Good standing with the company

  • Must be active

  • 8+ active personal team members


  • Must be active

  • Must finish with 24 active team members

  • Must qualify in one, two, three or four months

  • $13,500 cumulative team wholesale in one, two or three months or $18,000 cumulative DIQ team wholesale in four months

  • $4,000 minimum team wholesale each month

  • DIQs may contribute up to $3,000 in personal wholesale

may 1st - 31st, 2024

Let’s pave the path to Seminar 2024 in gold!The Medal in May Gold Medal Challenge is an extra incentive for your 6 Most Important Things Game because it promotes team-building and the importance of continuing to share the Mary Kay opportunity.All independent sales force members can earn a Gold Medal charm and charm bracelet when they:- Achieve a Gold Medal in May 2024
- Attend Seminar 2024 to pick up their reward!
A Gold Medal is achieved when an independent sales force member adds five or more new personal team members whose Agreements are received and accepted by the Company in May 2024. Must be registered and in attendance for Seminar 2024 to receive the reward. Learn more!

March 1 - June 30.2024

Independent sales force members who add three or more Great Start-qualified new personal team members and register to attend Seminar 2024 will be entered into a random drawing to earn a Power Pass, giving them access to an express line at Seminar. Each additional Great Start®-qualified* new personal team member will count as an additional entry into the drawing. Two hundred independent sales force members will win a Power Pass at each Seminar.The top 5 independent sales force members with *the highest number of great start qualified new personal team members at each seminar can earn the power pack that includes a power pass, $300 gift card, designer tote bag, designer sunglasses, and onstage recognition.

April 1 - June 30th, 2024

Independant Beauty Consultant's can earn a red jacket that they pick up at Seminar 2024 and onstage recognition when they complete all 6 games squares on the gameboard.Must have a personal retail sales amount of $600 wholesale or more in April, May, and June and have three or more great start qualified team members during the challenge time.

Available to order May 10th for star consultants and preferred customer program participants and May 15th for everyone else.

Limited-Edition Mary Kay® Sparkle Cream Lipstick
- Empower
- Positive Impact
Limited-Edition Mary Kay® Matte Liquid Lipstick
- Red Noir
- Soft Fawn
- Rich Mahogany
NEW! Mary Kay Clear Brow Styling Gel

As Mary Kay Ash often said, “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.” That’s why Mary Kay pushes the boundaries of innovation. We want you to be able to consistently surprise and delight your customers with products that make them say, “WOW!”

You can help your customers experience skin care their way in every age and stage of life!For customers who are looking for a simple start to skin care and are not yet ready for age-defying products, NEW Mary Kay® Skin Care is a line of fundamental products suitable for all skin types – including sensitive skin! Featuring hydrating and mattifying cleansers and moisturizers, plus a universal scrub and toner to help maintain clean, healthy skin for the win.

Beginning Feb. 16, 2024, there will be price adjustments on select Section 1 products as part of the company’s ongoing effort to deliver quality products that support an exceptional opportunity for you. They will continue to evaluate prices to help support your personal business.

(Click to enlarge image)

The following products will be phasing out, to allow everyone to be able to order these products before they are gone, there are ordering limits on them.


Emerald: July 25 - July 28
Diamond: July 29 - August 1st
Ruby: August 2nd - August 5th
Sapphire: August 6th - August 9th
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
650 Griffin St.
Dallas, TX 75202

Registration is open for all sales force members at $250.

Prepare to take full advantage of the upcoming NEW! Mary Kay® Skin Care line launch and how to reach the next generation in this upcoming mini-series exclusive to the My Mary Kay Facebook group.Join the group and mark your calendars for this exciting content! Please note that it can take up to 48 hours to be added to the group as we verify that you are an active Mary Kay independent sales force member.

Mary Kay Ash's birthday is May 12, which is also Mother's Day AND just a few days until our Summer 2024 product launch! This month marks a time of celebration as we honor our founder and dive into the launch of the NEW! Mary Kay Skin Care line and other great new products, just in time for warmer weather! You can take advantage of new programs and resources to expand and make May magnificent!

You can now run paid ads on your business and professional Facebook and Instagram accounts. You will be able to direct these ads to anyone you wish to connect with in the U.S. even if they do not follow
you. Visit the paid social media advertising page on Mary Kay Intouch to get an introduction to the program and to accept the terms and conditions.

Check out the Intro to Social Media and Start Selling modules within the Great Start MKConfident category to learn about the importance of following up with new customers using paid social advertising. This lesson will provide tips and dialogues to exemplify Golden Rule customer service and build or expand your connections via social media!

COMING SOON! Product Education

With such an exciting product launch this month, these new modules are perfect for revamping your product strategy and brushing up on your product knowledge.- NEW! Skin Care Module
- NEW! Color Module


If you want to qualify for a certain status before Seminar, you can get more information on qualifying for Red Jacket or DIQ in these MKConfident modules that launched last month!- Ready in RED Module
- Sales Director-in-Qualification Module

Follow and share love on the new @marykayUS tik tok account and keep
up with new content aimed to reach
the next generation of Mary Kay customers


A one-step site developed to celebrate you! It features achievements that were earned the previous month the very next month. And there are recognition opportunities for all independent sales force members. It's easy to access from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Personalized for you! 🎉

Limited-Time Offer in MARCH!

Earn double credit towards Seminar 2024 rewards in March including Queen’s Court of personal sales, Queen’s Court of Sharing, Circle of Achievement, and Circle of Excellence.

Limited-Time Offer in MARCH!

For the month of March, your potential team members can kick start their own Mary Kay business for as low as $10 with the Mary Kay E-Start! She can customize her startup experience by adding on the $45 sampler pack and/or the $90 product kit.


Put more parties on the books easily with Shop My Party featuring the NEW Miracle Set® Pop-Up Parties! Pop-up parties offer a quick, fun, virtual or in-person party where your guests can learn about you and the Mary Kay® opportunity and can hear exciting product information, all in around 30 minutes! They are a great way to get more parties on the books, boost potential sales, find new hostesses & meet new team members!

This new learning platform was created to help new Independent Beauty Consultants through their great start journey. Social media modules for new and existing independent beauty consultants will be available!

This is the hottest selling season of the year. Don’t forgot about the resources on Intouch to make you feel empowered and ready to sell this holiday season!

march 1 - april 30th, 2024

Be entered to win a #1 branded Yeti tumbler by using the hashtag #WhyMaryKay in the captions of your posts. 60 winners will be selected in total.

Let's give a warm welcome to our newest RED JACKET!!

Let's give a warm welcome to our newest BEAUTY CONSULTANTS!

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Huge shout out to those who earned one of the most prestigious titles; STAR CONSULTANTS, by selling enough to cumulatively order 1800+ wholesale within one quarter.

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